A look at our 1Day project work so far.

2013-14 Masai School Scholarship Scheme

Our first years efforts helped children living in remote scattered villages in the Masai region of Kenya. Through an outreach program that monitors hundreds of children's living conditions we highlighted 41 cases that had no support network to help them into school. Most have lost both parents, or have a single parent living with an illness or disability and had been forced to drop out of school.

We've helped the children with school equipment, uniforms and covered their fees for the forthcoming years schooling.

Additionally our funds helped us distribute desks and chairs to our schools in Sierra Leone. Our secondary school students delighted over getting new tables to study on!

Those involved in 2013

We'd like to thank the following for participating in our first ever 1Day event

Winters Flat Primary School, Castlemaine                                                                       Castlemaine North Primary School                                                                               Campbells Creek Primary School                                                                                             Taradale Primary School                                                                                                Maldon Primary School                                                                                                   Langley Primary School                                                                                                           Harcourt Valley Primary School                                                                                        Elphinstone Primary School                                                                                                Castlemaine Secondary School                                                                                     Guildford Primary School                                                                                         Castlemaine South Primary School                                                                               Newstead Primary School                                                                                             Chewton Primary School                                                                                                     Tiggers Honeypot Childcare Centre                                                                        Resurrection Primary School                                                                                              Jindi Woraback Children's Centre                                                                                    Swinburne Senior Secondary College                                                                                    Warrandyte Primary School                                                                                                  The American International School of Freetown                                                                          Ozchild Community VCAL                                                                                        Viewbank Primary School                                                                                                  Wine Selectors                                                                                                                     Abbotsford Primary School                                                                                                Advisory Board International                                                                                        Gisborne Secondary School                                                                                        Andersons Creek Primary School                                                                                        Elgee Park Wines