Ebola Outbreak - Emergency Response and Orphan Support 

Sierra Leone is currently one of the worst affected countries from the Ebola epidemic which is claiming thousands of lives in West Africa and plunging millions into fear, hardship and deeper poverty. The scale of the impact of Ebola is frightening, with the long term prospects bleak. As the virus continues to spread we are witnessing hundreds of children becoming orphaned, the cost for basic items are rapidly increasing, food shortages are predicted due to people being too scared to tend their farms, businesses are failing, as the country is locked into worry and panic.


Since the outbreak we have established sanitation facilities at all of our Children's Villages in order to keep our children and staff safe. We've been raising awareness of Ebola in our communities and are doing all we can to help the epidemic.

Being the largest care provider for orphans in the country we are now needing to lead the way in helping the latest victims from this disaster. Orphans across the country are being turned away by family members in the belief they will bring Ebola into their home. Children having lost parents are forced to face the bleak and devastating reality alone, with no one to help them at such a difficult time.

In Makeni one of the worst hit towns in Sierra Leone we are creating a centre for Ebola orphans which are already numbering in the hundreds. Working alongside the government and other aid organisations such as the World Food Program, Child Fund and Street Child Sierra Leone, OrphFund  is helping to create a living space for the children who will receive support, counseling, food, beds, clothing, educational support and medical observations.

In time we hope that most of the orphaned children will be reintegrated back to their extended families, once the outbreak has been controlled, but expect to be caring for many children on a permanent basis.

OrphFund needs immediate help to make this happen. We are urging people to spare $1 per day to sponsor an child who has lost both parents, to do so simply visit our sponsorship page and follow the simple steps.

Alternatively you can make a generous one off donation to our appeal.  https://www.mycause.com.au/page/84664/loveinthetimeofebola Funds will go towards the initial start up costs of the program and to help with the ongoing support the children need.  To sponsor an Ebola orphan please head to our sponsor page for details.

We urge you to support this appeal at this time of extreme need.

Children from Masuba, Makeni recently orphaned from Ebola.

Children from Masuba, Makeni recently orphaned from Ebola.