Uniquely OrphFund

OrphFund is proud to be a charity that is a little bit different. We feel strongly about effective giving and think that too many of the big guns waste valuable donations. We've worked hard to build a reputation from offering our supporters trust, honesty and direct hands on aid work that has an impact on the people who need our help.

There are no frills here, no fancy offices, no CEO sky high wages, just a team of dedicated volunteers who can see the results in what we do. 

the neediest children

Since 2006 we've been assisting some of the worlds most vulnerable children helping to bring hope and opportunity back into their lives. When we first meet the children we support they literally only have the rags on their back. With no one in the world to care for them OrphFund is truly reaching out to those that need support the most. 

We work in places where others fear to tread, from rubbish tips to remote villages way off the beaten track. In doing so we ensure we are reaching our to children and communities who have never been offered support before, making them truly, worthy beneficiaries of our projects. 

By bringing love and support back into their lives, its not long before we see big smiles of joy returning to their faces.

Children's Villages

Our Children's Villages are designed to create a space where orphaned children can begin to build a family again. We design a micro village within a village, offering a fun filled environment in which our kids can grow. Our Villages offer housing, schooling, water, sanitation, and training facilities, whilst we also develop farms, gardens, bread ovens and other small income generating projects to help our work take steps towards self sustainability.

Our homes are designed to support the most vulnerable children through their school years. In many cases upon finishing secondary school we look to re-integrate teenagers with any existing family members/friends or into the community as they take steps towards a more independent life. We strive for the best for each child and believe our Children's Villages offer the best option of care as the children grow to adults.


We believe education is the strongest tool in tackling poverty. With millions of children missing the opportunity of this basic human right we aim to bring access to those cut off through hardship.

Primary and Secondary schools become an integral part of our work. So far over 3500 children who have never been, or have fallen out of school, have found their way back into a classroom thanks to our efforts.

A bright future

We are witnessing amazing changes in the children we are able to support. Our centres create an environment where children are flourishing under the support of our care workers and teachers. Here they create a family of friends in which their bond and love for each other is nothing short of beautiful. For children coming to us with nothing, its amazing to see that their futures can still be so bright!

To be able to reach out to a child who has no one, and completely transform their life, is an amazing and unique experience and one that i’ll never tire of.
— Steve Argent, OrphFund Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Our work now reaches out to over 3500 total or partial orphans.
  • We are now the leading residential care provider for orphans in Sierra Leone.
  • 350 orphaned children have been built homes in which they now can call home.
  • Proven charity can be effective on shoe string budgets.
  • 8 Children's Villages developed supporting children with homes, schools, water wells, gardens and much more.
  • Sent over 100 volunteers on start up projects.
  • Built and run 12 schools across Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and Cambodia.
  • Established programs in remote communities where we are the first to offer assistance.