Thanks Loretta.

At Orphfund we love it when kids here help our kids in Africa. Loretta is 11 years old and put her cello playing skills to good use by busking in Castlemaine on a couple of occasions, raising $161.55 in the process! She’s decided that she’d like the money to go to Sierra Leone and help our food growing efforts over there. So Inspiring!!!! Thank you!!!


Orphfund Market fun..


The first day at our Orphfund stall and new volunteer Rovinna raised over $700 for the kids! It’s a lot fun and really makes amazing significant changes to kids lives out there. 
If you are around Melbourne town and can lend the odd half day over a weekend once in a while please please do get in touch. We are in great need of new helping hands.


Orphfund Superstars

So happy to share the news that our superstar boys in Uganda have aced their final year exams and earned themselves scholarships to University.

Davis and Emmy have been part of our family for over 10 years. In that time they have inspired our team and the children around them with their kindness, their community leadership and their unrelenting determination to excel in any opportunity open to them.

We are so proud to support our boys in the next step of their journey to becoming leaders in their community as a Lawyer (Davis) and a Surgeon (Emmy).


Study begins for 2019


The first few months of the year are always dedicated to helping the kids get ready for the next phase of their learning. Here in Uganda our children receive supplies for their boarding schools or vocational courses. It’s not just pens and books; buckets, bed sheets, belts, shoes, toilet rolls, mattresses and oodles more items head off with them (on motorbike) to their learning institutions. Always exciting! And expensive!