Aunty Alice and Orphfund’s newest members

Our 3 newest family members have moved in! Their smiles already look wider. New friends have been made, medical checks done and tummies fed.
Here they are with the greatest Aunty you could ever find. Alice has been caring for children ever since tragically losing her own in the civil war. For the past 12 years she’s been our head care worker in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone, and has quite possibly the biggest heart ever! Our children are so fortunate to be loved by this Wonder Woman!

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Journey begins

This is where their journey begins...
Without doubt the most important and emotional aspect of our work is meeting kids like Kabba and his siblings. We met them in Katala - a remote village in Sierra Leone, during a day spent searching villages looking for those who have lost everything. With no parents or support network their lives are so incredibly hard. But finding cases like this is what it’s all about, we’ve seen time and time again how fortunes can be so dramatically transformed.
We are hoping to move the 3 children into our Kamakwie project in the coming week where food, schooling, love and support will be there in abundance. For anyone willing to support by sponsorship we would love some help (as financially we really shouldn’t be helping more kids!)

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Yikes, snakes

Yikes! Imagine taking your shower and seeing a 3 metre cobra wrapped up beside your head! This is Aisha and it’s her story. Luckily her scream alerted care worker David who is totally fearless and dealt with the snake. Now we are looking at building indoor showers and toilets to limit these close encounters.

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First project Cambodia 2006

Cambodia 2006.
So 9 random volunteers gathered for our first ever project. They were old friends or people I briefly met whilst travelling who were excited about the idea of Orphfund. We raised the entire school cost between us, gave up jobs for a while, and all paid our own way to experience building a school in a sleepy Cambodian village named Sophy. 5-6 weeks passed, we submerged ourselves into building, mingling with locals, learning how to cook local food, we joined rice farmers to help plant rice, learnt Khmer, watched storms pass by, played endlessly with the kids and made great friends.
By the end a beautiful school had emerged, and Orphfund had made its first big change in the world.
To those first volunteers, for jumping into the unknown, you cannot be thanked enough. It was the start of something very special and has gone on to change thousands of lives.

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