Just a not so humble reminder of all of the things that we have been able to achieve!!

We couldn't have done it with all of your support though - especially the amazing people who we work with in our children's homes - you are amazing!

So thank-you, from the absolute bottom of our hearts, for helping us achieve our dream.


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May 19


Saw a lion in the wild today, if I was a better photographer, I could prove that... 
Also many antelope types, buffalo, warthogs (!!!! extremely buff), some huge, grand, dignified elephants, heaps of fish, all sorts of unlikely bird life (one in particular which was tiny with a huge fluffy tail, looked more like swimming than flying), crocodiles, and many many many bloats of hippopotamus' (I didn't know what happiness was until I saw a hippo)....

The real Uganda... xxx


Meet Aunty Haja.

Meet Aunty Haja. Mother of our home in Tombo, Sierra Leone. A smiling, big humoured, single mum who is constantly there for every child’s need (all 27 of them) and who knows how to cook great Sierra Leone favourites which keeps the kids bellies happy! She’s often up at 5am making the fire for breakfast and readying them for school, and runs until long after dark until they are tucked up in bed. Legend!


Come visit a market!

Come and visit us at a market this weekend and grab yourself (or your kids) a new pencil case.

Never underestimate the importance of colouring and drawing, we certainly encourage it with our kids in our children's villages.

Makes a great Christmas present too.

Castlemaine Artists market

Rose st artists market



What happens when they grow up?


Orphfund is proud as punch!

Its back to school at our Heartspring project in Kenya where the educational journey for our kids begins. This project has been running for around 9 years and wow how some of our kids have grown! We're proud to have 5 children now in Nairobi University through loans given to them for outstanding results, with many younger ones hoping to follow in their footsteps. :)
All of what we do appears to be really, really working!