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May 13 - Uganda

Exciting day... 5 generous Australians donated trumpets for the orphanage.

The tactics were to start with the drums, which these kids are familiar and totally rockin' with. Then pull out the horns, work out how to play a note, work on rhythm and gauge the interest.

I was stunned.

Probably 20 kids had a bash, and 18 could make a good sound, rhythm a given in most cases.

And then there were the naturals.

After 2 hours I had 5 of them, Zonas and Emmanuel in particular, playing the first bit of the Ugandan national anthem and the riff from uptown funk.

I'm not saying they were Miles Davis, but I don't remember ever being so clever. And they could be Miles with the right nurturing.

There was a marching band in town today for a motorbike race -The plan? Employ one (or many) of the band players to teach the kids weekly or more.

We have a band on our hands... I am a bit blown away. (Like that one?)

Marks Journal.

May 12, Uganda 

I have just become an education patron for 17yo Felestus, who has a couple of years of school left ($30 per month), then 3 years of medical school ($45 per week).

She is super smart, motivated, fun and loving.

She cares deeply for her orphan family and has come from nowhere, rising above the impossible.

A common story.

I never cared to adopt a child, rather preferring to give and allow the funds to be distributed by the charity. But, it means so much to these kids that somewhere, someone cares for them.

Know how that feels?



A Girl named Dolphin.

'We help a lot of children but never before a child called Dolphin! Here she is, another amazing young lady who together with her sister joined our Heartspring project in Kenya a few weeks ago. Having lost both parents to HIV the sisters had no one else to turn to. Now a new journey begins for her.
We are sincerely desperate to find sponsors for Dolphin and children like her. Without sponsors children in extreme
poverty can't be helped due to our very limited funds. 
$30 or 15 pounds a month will ensure a life is changed forever.'

This Post went up on Orphfunds facebook page on August 6th, by 8.28pm that night, through the extended network of Orphfunds family and friends, Dolphin, of Hearthspring Kenya, had a Sponsor!! 

Firstly a huge big up to Lisa Marie Sharp, for seeing and acting. 

This is how simple it can be! 

Every sponsor we gain enables us to extend our work, and build more doors to open. 

We are small, we are grassroots, we rely 100% on volunteers and we are growing!!  Every dollar we raise goes to a child in need.... This is 'aid' as it should always have been.

Help us build more doors, help us open them. 

Meet Fortunate.....

Meet the wonderful Fortunate, tailor and great friend to OrphFund.

She was trained at the OrphFund Sewing School and she is now teaching our kids sewing and tailoring skills at the Kasese Children's Village.

The Orphfund sewing School was an original idea back in 2011, from an individual volunteer Angela Mezzatesta, who felt inspired to take her Orphfund volunteer experience and create something completely new. What began from a single inspired idea 7 years ago has blossomed.

We are excited to be building sustainable career pathways for our junior tailors under Fortunate's direction.

Fortunate's work is available in Australia through Rwencraft, as well as the new OrphFund Label: NinaKaBoomBoom which will be available very soon at OrphFund Market Stalls.

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