The kids are growing up!


Giant steps being taken by so many of our now teenaged kids. 
Across all of our projects we’ve individuals beginning to set themselves up for life after Orphfund. 
In Uganda, this lovely bunch are off to start their vocational training courses in catering, mechanics, hospitality and plumbing.
With a few already in jobs we are seeing the end result of all these years of hard work! 🙂


Our non stop volunteer esther is hosting a love filled fundraiser tomorrow on Mostyn st, Castlemaine. A mini block shop, cupcakes, silent auction, raffle and more will help raise funds for our latest project needs. Thank you Esther!!! X


Christmas with meaning.

Every Christmas Kerry Barreiro, the Mum of these lovely ladies Jaimee Lydia Gabrielle Amy Barreiro Tess Barreiro decides to say no to chocolate gifts and yes to Orphfund donations.

So instead of numerous boxes of sweet things, her swimming students raise funds for our projects. This year they raised a staggering $5345 for our kids! We can do so much with this!

Exchanging presents we don’t really need for life changing work, let’s all do this!! Christmas with meaning! 🙂 Kerry you are beyond wonderful!!! X