Alice Miller Creative Arts School.


The Alice Miller Creative Arts High School in the Macedon Ranges ran a student fundraiser a couple of months ago. Students then made presentations on behalf of their favourite charities for the student body to vote on the recipients of the funds.

The amazing Jezabel Furlong presented for OrphFund and after 6 weeks of suspense, we are overjoyed to hear that OrphFund has been chosen to receive a MASSIVE $4000!!! This money will be going towards beds, mattresses, toilets, books and more! CONGRATULATIONS Jez and thank you so much Alice Miller Students & Staff for providing this wonderful gift!!!

Steven Argent Esther Barneveld


Special delivery from Pencils Community.


Kids at our Kitholi Children's Village & School in Uganda were overjoyed yesterday to receive a special delivery of pencils/pens/calculators from our great friends at Pencils Community. Huge smiles from everyone at Kitholi!

A big thank you to Cindy & the Pencils team as well as Lilly & Jo for making this happy day possible.

You can learn more about our amazing Kitholi kids and our project here:


Sending love to little Miss Ingrid, daughter of our OrphFund Uganda Co-ordinator Henry, who is on the mend after a nasty case of malaria. Get well soon little one!

Malaria is fairly common in East Africa but for small children (and the elderly) it can be perilous. Medical treatment & medicine for Malaria is relatively inexpensive at around $5-10 however for many this is an impossible cost and so malaria sadly still takes many lives. It's always a sobering reminder to us how of fortunate we are in the OrphFund family so that we have the resources to afford such things as effective medical care and good food for all.