What the heck? UNICEF!

Hahahah! This is brilliant UNICEF!! Orphfund builds a toilet for $1500, they repaint it for $20 and put their name all over it! We build a water well for $4000, they fix it for $50 and put their name on it! We built and run a children's village changing lives forever, they give us a plastic bucket with their name on it. It's ironic that in a decade of work in Sierra Leone UNICEF have constantly caused us problems but now seem to be endorsing all we do with their name!!!

Bumps in the road... Sierra Leone Style.

Oh dear! What a frustrating day in Sierra Leone! This place sometimes takes the joy out of helping the kids. Corruption at its worst got hold of me in the central city of Makeni. My passport's been seized and I've been slapped with a $200 fine for having a valid visa and everything I should have. They simply make stuff up and threaten me with a trip to the police station if you don't pay! Beyond upsetting when u r here to help!!!
Next up was our trip to K
amakwie. We've a fabulous old driver by the name of Morlai who drives the worst car ever - but it's got character! We've been in torrential rain for part of the journey with half a wiper and zero visibility, somehow he's negotiated the roads. Then, 3 miles from the waiting children in Kamakwie, as midnight approaches we get a flat tyre! No working jack and no spare!!! Oh Sierra Leone!!! It ain't easy!!!

Steve treats to some soccer shennanigans!

Tombo, Sierra Leone. 

"Amazing day yesterday! Decided to dip into some of my own money, a grand total of $16. Bought spaghetti, bread and eggs for 31 grateful kids and took 21 off to watch the champions league final in a tin sweat box containing 300 shouting men. Squeezed in between, us and the tombo children played out a thrilling 4-4 draw as Liverpool played Tottenham at the Craig Bellamy foundation pitch next door. Brilliant!"

Sierra Leone Stylin!

Tombo, Sierra Leone. 

Three days ago, June 2nd, our Sierra Leone destined Volunteers arrived after a cross-continent mission... And woke to meet and reconnect with these awesome young adults. 

"Arrived in a lightning storm late last night at our project in Tombo, Sierra Leone. This morning we woke to these smart folk who are just off to secondary school for the day. They are growing fast and looking well! :)"

Orphfunds expat family working along side Orphfunds local family, to welcome 21 new children.

Heartspring Kenya, children's village.

98 interviews in 18 hours over 2 days! Emotionally exhausting. The result is 21 new kids coming to our project in the coming days. :)

Diana, the daughter of our project directors, did such an amazing job translating the tragic stories. It's amazing to be working with such a committed family!! The future of our Kenya project is so bright!!!