On the Road!

Seven of our volunteers had some hard goodbyes with the children of Kasese Children's Village, and hit the road for Kenya, Orphfund's Heartspring Children's Village. 

Volunteers - Glenn Rees, Salvo Out, Ken Argent, Nic Six, Gee Manofdarkness, Steff Steff, Mark Wilrfred Anstey. 





"16 hours into our journey from project Uganda to project Kenya. Hoping to reach Heartspring by 3am! 8 Tired and hungry volunteers!!!"

"The biggest smiles and the kindest souls. Being a volunteer is humbling, inspiring, challenging, emotional and rewarding - the love from these kids is like no other. Saying goodbye yesterday was hard, but we are now on our way to Kenya and can't wait to see the kids at the Orphfund Heartspring Children's Village and share our progress with you all!"

Orphfund Underway in Uganda.

Ever wondered what it would be like to volunteer for an orphfund project? 

Nows the time to see the work in action as it takes place. 

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The 19th Orphfund project is underway and volunteers will be updating daily as the project happens, through Uganda, Kenya and Sierra Leone. 

Why we do what we do.

With the 19th Orphfund team on the ground in Uganda, Steve shares what will be one of many hard days ahead, and meets an invaluable new member of the Orphfund family. 

"Without doubt one of the hardest days for me yesterday of this project and any project. It was all made better by meeting one of our future stars who is now part of the Orphfund family. meet Anita...:)"

Expanding creative horizons in Uganda

A donation from Deans Art. 

Before we left Australia, Deans Art supplied a screen press frame that we were ecstatic to pack up and trek over to Uganda. The frame was put to good use at the Orphfund Kasese Children's home yesterday! A whole afternoon of cutting stencils that the kids drew themselves resulted in the first bucket load of personalised t-shirts for our little mates. A printed name might not seem so significant in Australia, but it was definitely a celebrated first for these crafty individuals. @deansart #orphfund

How simply a life can be protected with just a bit of care.

Marion - Uganda, Kasese Children's Village

This is our lovely girl Marion from the OrphFund Kasese Children's Village. A couple of days ago Marion fell ill and yesterday was diagnosed with malaria and is now in hospital. She has the best of care and we expect her home in a couple of days. 

Malaria is the leading cause of death, illness, and school absences in Uganda. We are still raising our funds for new mosquito nets & new bedding for all our OrphFund children. Even the smallest donation of $5 helps us get to our goal.

visit our mycause page to help. 


Davis - One of two winners of Orphfund's high achievement scholarships

Davis has been with the Orphfund family since he was twelve, he has no memory of his parents and was cared for by an elderly neighbour. Last year this kind, supportive nineteen year old was one of two winners of the inaugural OrphFund High Achievement Scholarship to one of the top schools in Uganda and recently has been awarded the 'Best Debater' in the Ntungamo district title, competing against twenty schools in Western Uganda'. Orphfund encourages all children to dream big and believe the possibilities are endless. Your support is building the future leaders of Africa. •

May 11th Arrival @ Orphfunds Kasese Childrens Village

Walking into the OrphFund Kasese Children's Village for the first time today, we were overwhelmed by the abundance of love and affection that we were showered with. The excitement and smiles of the children meant we couldn't wipe our own smiles off our faces. Of 11 volunteers, 7 of us are visiting the OrphFund family in Uganda for the first time and the children made sure we were welcomed with open arms and open hearts. We're excited to be in Uganda contributing to projects that benefit the lives of these amazing kids. Watch this space as we share our progress!