New adventures = New Blocks!

As you may well know Steve and our latest Orphfund posi have been out adventuring and working hard through Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone. 

New adventures without fail means, spangling new blocks!


Steve adds over twenty new images to the select Orphfund block collection.

Come and visit Orphfund at the Rose St Artists Market in Fitzory for the latest upates. 

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Orphfund tickles Instgram fancies! 3000 likes for us!

Meet Aunty Alice.

Tireless and much loved, Care Worker and Mother,

of Kamakwie's 80 Orphaned children. 

Kamakwie, Sierra Leone. 

A lady with a heart of gold! For over 10 years she has been the amazing mother to over 80 orphaned children we've supported in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone. Just a beautiful woman, who gives so much and works so so hard from first light until dark everyday. Love you Alice and all you do!!!

June 16th - The day of The African Child.

The single most inspiring thing from our recent Africa trip is that you would not know any of our children have come from such hardships. We are helping create healthy, happy, educated, well behaved, incredible kids!!! They've come a long long way from the children we found abandoned, alone, sleeping on the streets, or working on rubbish tips. 
All we need is help to help more.  

June 16th was the 22nd "Day of the African child". Began in commemoration of the 1976 massacre of SOWETO children in the then apartheid South Africa. 

Awareness of the plight of Africa and its children has proliferated since 1976, yet millions still live in poverty and hardship. 

Why not transform another life with us?