2018. You’ve been such a trying, difficult year for us at Orphfund! Constant Challenges across the board at each and every turn. I’ve never wanted to give up as much as I have this year. It’s been way too hard!!! 2019 as you roll in please come with joys and energising moments all the way! 
For those that join me with their efforts to help by volunteering I thank you deeply for your time and commitment to the kids. You keep me afloat! 
And to everyone that contributes financially or has helped in anyway we cannot do this without you! 
Happy new year!

Steve Argent.


A Sad Christmas for Orphfund Sierra leone and family.

Christmas day was a desperately sad one for us at OrphFund. Shockingly, In the late hours of Christmas day we suddenly lost John, our Samaya Secondary School Principal. John Amuzu was such a hardworking, honest, committed and forward thinking man. Whenever i was with him was he was always so welcoming and grateful for our support, and so proud of his school and their achievements. 
Its devastating news for OrphFund Sierra Leone and all that new him. A big hole is left in the remote Samaya community. Paul at just 39 leaves behind his wife and 2 children. 


November 20 - International childrens day.

Its kid day everyday at OrphFund but today is International Children's Day! What a good time to remember just how amazing kids are! 
On this very day, why not jump on board and become an OrphFund donor and help one more child in the world?
Its life changing and we've never needed you more!

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