OrphFund beginning - Steve and Cha

Cambodia 2006.
Would there be OrphFund had I not met this remarkable man? Me and Cha were never supposed to build a school together. It happened by chance. His honesty, passion and desire to help his own people made everything and anything possible. Here we are in one of our many ‘so how do we build a school? meetings. 2 young chaps blindly fuelled by good intent. It’s was all we needed. A golden time I’ll never forget!

Steve and Cha.jpg

Flooding in Sierra Leone

Disaster! The massive flooding in Sierra Leone has reached our tombo project. Torrents of water are surrounding our homes, destroying fences and trees we worked so hard to fundraise for and is now threatening our homes and safety of our children. This place seems to get no relief or luck! 😞
The local team are working hard to keep the kids safe. Let’s all wish for the rains to stop and this latest challenge for Sierra Leone to pass.

Market time

It’s back to making our photo blocks again. If you don’t already know these handmade, recycled delights are so very vital in our work. Featuring photos from my volunteering and travels, they help raise around a third of what we need to run all of our projects annually!! They literally are life changing gifts. Available every weekend @therosestmarket and monthly @castlemaineartistsmarket @moonlightmarketbendigo


Bela's Birthday!

It’s the fabulous Bela's birthday today! She’s our volunteer sponsorship manager and is the one with that enormous, never-ending task in her hands. She’s also queen of a children’s glitter party!!!
Bela’s been so committed to the future of the kids over the years and was the key in our push to help them fulfil their academic goals. Now they are shooting way beyond their dreams with surgeons and lawyers in the making!!!
Thank you for sticking with it, believing in the kids and showing what is possible when we give then a chance!
Happy birthday! You rock!!


Mark Anstey.

This man...Mark Anstey. 3 years ago I knew nothing of him. Then he wanted to come on a project. Since then we’ve spent 8 weeks together in Africa on 2 seperate trips. Side by side, sleeping on mud hut floors, roaming the remote African wilderness, frequently covered in dirt, rolling with whatever challenges are thrown at us.
And what a fantastic companion to share the world of Orphfund with! He’s someone who fully understands the complexity of Orphfund and just how hard it is to do this kind of work. He relates with the struggles and perseveres when it’s far from easy to find a way to help and make progress.
Having someone who simply believes in this the same way I do has been a revelation for me! Thank you mark for being brave enough to come and see things for yourself first hand and for seeing how we can change this world for the better for all those kids!
You’re fab brother!!