Our Overseas Team

Some amazingly special people do the real work who bring love, support and joy into the lives of the children we assist.

We have been fortunate that our work has blessed us to cross paths with some truly beautiful human beings! Our network of managers, teachers, care workers, social workers, farmers and security guards help bring the magic to our projects.  


John Momodu Kargbo - Operations Manager - Sierra Leone (volunteer)

John has been with us since 2007 and has guided our work in Sierra Leone through struggles and challenges as we continue to grow as a leading organisation in orphan care. John is an absolute inspiration who volunteers his time around his other job working with Street Children to help plan, manage and evaluate everything OrphFund does in Sierra Leone.

Collins F Rich - Projects Director, Sierra Leone

Collins has been working with us since 2012 having been working with his own small NGO based in Sierra Leone previously. Collins brings a wealth of skills to the OrphFund table and helps primarily with the growing demands of our work as we expand our reach across the country. Collins spends his time liaising with the Ministry's of Education and Social Welfare, forming partnerships with other charities operating out there and pushing for government support for our programs.


OUr kamakwie team - Sierra Leone

Lead by Foday Dumbuya and Sallay Kargbo we are fortunate to have some of the most fun loving and biggest hearted people we've met on the OrphFund journey. This amazing group of people make up what is the care team for our children in our Kamakwie Children's Home. Offering around the clock care they are there for the children's every need, helping when they are sick, feeding them, and providing them with love and support throughout their lives.

Having experienced their own hardships during the brutal civil war our Children's Home has brought one big family together.


osman turay (tolo) - Center manager tombo, sierra leone

Tolo has been with OrphFund from the very beginning from a teenager helping on building projects to now our Tombo manager and Head Uncle. He manages a small team of wonderful staff who care for our resident children. Tolo works on managing monthly budgets, helping children with medical conditions, planning income generating projects and ensuring high standards of care are met. With all that on his plate he still manages to find time to be studying Social Care at University which we help by sponsoring.

Alice and bai bangura - Madina children's village, sierra leone

For years this amazing couple have been taking care of orphaned children at their home in Madina, Sierra Leone. With homes, schools, children, water pumps, chickens and gardens all taking over the place they called home they have created a vibrant place for children to shine! Using farming as a way to generate income Bai would use the money so he and his wife could support orphans through schooling. In recent years we've been helping them along their way by setting up a rice farm program and an ongoing contribution to ease the strain on them. 


Tom and Rose Muga - Heartspring Project Directors, Kenya (VOLUNTEER)

Tom Muga has been running programs for vulnerable children in his community long before OrphFund arrived. He's a man with a vision who has an amazing team around him, namely his wife Rose who helps with the daily running of our Children's Village in Kager. 

By offering up their families land we have been able to create a haven for orphaned kids in the region. Their commitment to the children is undoubted. The standards of care and education being provided to the children out there are phenomenal given the resources.

Tom and Rose are really helping give every chance to children who came to them with nothing.

Annett and Christopher Macumu - Karasundara Project Directors & orphfund uganda directors (VOLUNTEERS)

Annet and Christopher (Far left and right) have been dedicating their lives to the village of Karasundara for many years. Thanks to their amazing efforts a school that started life under a tree is now a project that boasts numerous school buildings, boarding homes, compost toilets, a farm and a large scale poultry project! You could not meet a more loving and genuine couple.

Our work continues to thrive under their guidance as we embark on new journeys together. Their honesty, commitment and passion to assist vulnerable children is something that resonates and helps create wholesome rewarding projects for everyone involved.

baluku Nelson - orphfund uganda director (VOLUNTEER)

Nelson has been volunteering with OrphFund since 2011 helping establish our Mama Pherena Children's home in Karambi. He's an active man who has been helping communities close to him for years, creating vocational programs for youth, income generating projects to help sponsor orphans into school along with many other activities to help reduce the impact of poverty.

His work with OrphFund has seen us establish OrphFund Uganda, an umbrella group of local organisations we work closely with. All sharing one common goal, working together to help benefit children in Uganda for the long term future.

masereka costa - Director of fair earth/orphfund kasese program (volunteer)

Costa has been our man on the ground from the beginning in west Uganda. His Fair Earth Foundation for Human Wellness were running some small income generating projects to help assist community groups and children in the area when we met in 2008.

Costa and his team have been working with us to run and sustain our main Children's Village in Uganda which supports 55 kids in residential care and 200 in our schools. He's initially helped us with giving land in which we have been able to base both our children's homes and school upon. In a short space of time through our partnership we have been able to create an amazing environment in which our children thrive. 

sim veacha (cha) - orphfund cambodia projects

Cha is the starting light and inspiration that has led to us crossing paths with amazing people around the world. When OrphFund started back in 2006 it was Cha who helped steer us on a path that was built on trust, friendship and a desire to simply help.

Over the years he has continued his commitment by helping maintain our schools in Cambodia and welcomed all volunteers with open arms. Our Cambodian brother, Cha set the bar for all of our other partners to meet!