A glimpse at our projects and the volunteers who have helped changed lives forever!

Hundreds of volunteers have joined hands with orphfund to be part of that see, feel, think, do, feeling!

Here's a look at those who have helped lay the foundations to our projects. For a glorious montage of project volunteer photos check out the gallery at the foot of the page. (We'd also like to applaud and confirm how all the volunteers below fund their own flights and accommodation. Not from donation money like many others out there)


2015 May/June - Billie wheatley's solo project

Billie takes 2 months out of his global adventure and turns his attention to OrphFund and our work in Uganda. Teaching, entertaining, taking kids on excursions, teacher training, budget analysis, income generating project planning, were just a few of the things Billie bit into during his 2 month stint with our partners in Uganda.

2014 August - Kenya renovations

Ryan, Clair and Alison take much needed funds to Kenya to help make improvements at our long running Children's Village. Our mini team of 3 spent 3 weeks in Kager where they helped run some renovations, built new toilet blocks, updated children's profiles and gave the entire centre a good lick of colour with some beautiful murals and paint work.

2014 March/april - Uganda school building

A 4 week project took 9 of us (Steve, Josh, Jaimee, Jo, Michelle, Danielle, Hannah, Natalie and Bela) to Kasese to get busy with our work in Western Uganda. Our main aim was to build a new primary school for our kids in Kasese, but as always we found ourselves doing so much more!

2013 September - sierra leone project maintenance

Danielle, Bonnie, Sione, Amy, Alison, Dennis, Marc and Steve covered the country making upgrades to all of our centers. Organising container items, building beds, painting our our Arts centre and tidying up the homes were some of the things we achieved.

2012 october - Sierra leone, tombo eco build

Brad, Lalita, Kat, Bonnie, Liza, Emma and Loz create our first ever Eco home in Sierra Leone. (with a little visit from Steve and Ryan)Using rice bags, sand, mud and not much more our team helped create an Eco home in Tombo where we located a new permanent dwelling for kids in our Hamilton project.  

2012 september - ryan and steve project planning

In an exhausting few weeks which covered bumpy road trips to Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Uganda, we visited every project, met potential new ones and planned steps for the future of OrphFund. 

2012 august - School building in kitholhu, uganda

Anna, Moya, Katie, Alesa and Natasa spend 2 weeks high in the hills of Kitholhu helping with school extensions in this remote village.

august 2012 - building mama pherena's new home

Moya, Anna, Genevieve, Katie, Elesa and Joseph spend a week in Kyasenda Village working on laying the first bricks for what would become our Mama Pherena Children's Home housing 35 children.

2012 march - steve's solo to sierra leone.

A solo mission over to Sierra Leone to help establish our Samaya Feeding program whilst opening a new children's home extension in Kamakwie.


2011 april - largest team ever hit sierra leone

Leah, Steve, Ken, Pete, Trish, Paulie, Kat, Brad, Rich, Jo, Rob, Fab, Jacqui, Tegan and Keki make Sierra Leone their home for a few weeks.In the barmy heat of the dry season 15 of us spent our days between our Kamakwie, Samaya and Hamilton (Now Tombo) projects. One heck of a project where 2 schools were built along with many home improvements.


2010 august - Uganda, Building of our children's VIllage

Mardae, Mark, Steve, Ange, Moya, Anna, Alesa and Sonia get busy with building homes for 56 orphans. Hundreds of interviews found desperate children in real need. This project helped build the homes to begin a new journey for the most vulnerable in the region.

Cambodia George 053.jpg

2010 january - clic school constructed

The Bryn Foundation brought to life a project planned back in 2008 by OrphFund. Raising funds they have successfully delivered the first primary school in the village. The Bryn Foundation led by George took family and friends to experience life and school building in the remote village of Clic.


2009 november - hamilton childrens village

Leah, Steve, Claire, Nic, Aaron, Shane and Suz create coastal homes for Freetown's street children. Our Hamilton project helped provide a home to children living incredibly hard lives in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown. Abandoned children working on rubbish tips and other street children were the beneficiaries of this project.


2009 june - heartspring children's village constructed and hilltop School renovated

Leah, Steve, Ryan Anne-So, Jamie, Bella, Sarah, Ziv, Mor, Mars and Fred hit Kager, Kenya to help a whole lot of children. Building 7 traditional homes we helped accommodate 86 of the regions orphans where HIV has drastically impacted lives.


2008 october - kamakwie school building

Steve, George, Gabby, Chantelle and James build and open a new school for orphans in Kamakwie. Our primary school opened up opportunities for hundreds of children who had previously never had the chance of an education by offering fee free schooling.

Copy of P1120084.JPG

2008 february - kamakwie children's village construction

Leah, Steve, Anne-Sophie, Amy, Matt J, Matt W, Emily and Keiran embarked on what was probably the hardest volunteer project we've ever run. 6 weeks in the remote town of Kamakwie saw us build our first ever Children's Village, the project that would become OrphFund's blueprint.

2007 - tibet support

Steve and Eliza reach villages around Lhasa, Tibet helping distribute items to hundreds of children in need.

july 2006 - Sophy school construction

It all started here in a quiet Cambodian village. Steve, Anne So, Kit, Koky, Sophia, Carlos, Eliza, Elina and Sebi make OrphFund history by being our first ever volunteer team. The school of Sophy was built, and so it began...