Sustainable Steps in Sierra Leone.

Running sustainable projects in remote parts of Sierra Leone is never easy! With a lack of money in local communities and the unpredictable nature of the climate its a hard place to make things work. Nevertheless OrphFund has constantly endeavored to create programs that will benefit our long term running projects. Our successes to date have been...

  • Community Gardens in Kamakwie. Our residents and care workers in our home have always taken pride in their onsite gardens. Growing food for themselves the children also are given a little pocket money by selling the odd bit of produce at the local markets. Our gardens have been growing everything from chilli's, mangoes, corn, onions, peanuts, bananas, cucumbers and much more over the years.
  • Samaya Farm. We've 15 acres of land in Samaya which is growing a variety of fruit and vegetables for our projects. Guava, Mango, Pineapple, Plantain, Orange, Cashews and heaps more help our kids have access to an healthy variety of foods.
  • Rice loans. In Kamakwie we run a rice loan program to over 100 farmers. This initiative not only helps poor families who do not have the money to grow their own rice, but the small amount of interest paid back from the loan in rice helps feeds our children. Win! Win!
  • Lunsar Poultry Project. Stocked with 500 chickens our project here enables children in our projects to have eggs in their diet, once the kids have been fed the remainder are sold to raise funds for our projects across the country.
  • Kamakwie Community Centre. OrphFund runs a community space in the town centre hosting music and art classes. When its not being used by the children the centre is used for weddings, cinema nights and as a live football screening venue selling cold drinks and food. Profits from this help reduce the dependence of hand outs and allow the local community to help themselves. 
  • Solar power for our Kamakwie Children's Home. With a small system we are able to bring a little energy to our homes and one of our schools. Enabling us to run the odd computer, sewing machine, the odd movie and lights it's been a vital addition to life in Kamakwie.
  • Training rooms have been set up to help train our children with tailoring skills and basic computer classes.
  • In Tombo our team have been busy planting Pineapples across our compound to help bring in juicy treats for the kids and help generate a small income. Back →