Kamakwie Children’s Village


Our first ever project in Sierra Leone started here, in the remote town of Kamakwie. Our program now assists almost 1000 children through our primary and secondary schools and is home to 65 orphaned children. A full day trip from the capital Freetown, riding on river bed roads, lies the hot and dusty township, where our program sits on the outskirts of the town.

Spread over 3 acres, our facilities consist of 4accommodation buildings for our boys and girls, 4 large school blocks, a water pump, gardens, kitchen, toilet blocks, bucket showers and a large play area. Built from scratch this project shows what can happen through dedication, hard work and numerous volunteer teams heading over to help. Here we've developed our blueprint for all other OrphFund projects to follow. Our village within a village concept really offers the foundations for children to thrive.

Without a doubt Kamakwie is one of the favourite spots for our volunteers to visit (despite the lack of creature comforts). The community appreciates our groundbreaking work and offer us a warm embrace, with our team of care workers and the children making it an unforgettable place and experience.

Outside of our Children's Village we have also established additional projects that help our children and also bring benefits to the larger community.

Bre's Art and Music School/Community centre

Built and dedicated to the memory of our good friend and volunteer Bre Taylor. Our community centre doubles up as a music and arts space for children to gain access to creative subjects not covered in school. When not running classes we open the doors of the centre to the public where we show movies, run a small guest room, screen football matches and sell food and drink. All of which helps raise a little income for our homes and schools.

Kadigidigi Farm

In the neighbouring village of Kadigidigi we have purchased land to run our own small farm. Our older boys and girls, along with the care workers help plant and harvest each years crops. Plantain (a savoury banana) is the favourite of the crops to grow, all of which gets happily consumed by our homes.

Reintegration Home

As the children get older, there is a need to help them begin living more independent lives. Our blue house on the hill is our first step for older boys to live away from our main Children's Home. Living under the guidance of a carer they begin to take steps towardsadulthood.Back →