Samaya Children’s Village

In 2011 we helped provide Samaya with their only functioning water well. During this project we felt overwhelmed to help this isolated and remote community further. Cut off by poor roads and rivers, Samaya is overlooked by charities and the Sierra Leonian government. Most people rely on subsistence farming to survive in an area of extreme poverty.

The local community have welcomed OrphFund with open arms as we set about providing services for the children of this Chiefdom. Following on from the water well, we helped build a primary school offering free education to all children. The most vulnerable school goers are beneficiaries from our Feeding program which offers a warm meal during school. (Often the only meal they will receive that day). In a village where education was never considered important and drop out rates were high, our school now boasts an attendance of over 200.

In 2013 the nearby secondary school faced closure after funding ceased from their donors.  OrphFund now helps run the school which is incorporated in our Children's Village.

The final stages of completion took place in early 2014, with the construction of 2 homes, gardens, bucket showers and compost toilets all awaiting the 30 orphans who will be moving in once the Ebola outbreak has been controlled.


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