Uganda Sustainable Steps

As our work continues to grow with more and more children being helped in Uganda, so does the need for us to find ways to source food and income locally. Since 2013 we have been raising additional funds to help establish numerous projects which are empowering locals to help run their projects themselves.

OrphFund Uganda is leading the way in the successful implementation of these projects and is the benchmark for our other programs around the world.


Our most successful project to date has been our Poultry/Egg laying enterprise, based near our school in Karasundara. With 1000 chickens laying eggs daily we are able to provide our children with the relative luxury of eating eggs! Along with greater nutrition we are able to sell the eggs to help generate significant income to run our local homes and schools.


In the village of Karasundara we have purchased 5 acres of land, which since 2012 has been producing food for our Children's Villages. Growing a wide range of vegetables and fruit this project alleviates the impact of constantly rising basic food prices and helps provide an important supply of varied nutrition to our children.

Paper necklaces

Again based in Karasundara our female school teachers and local women's group create amazing necklaces made from scrap magazines and paper. Our markets here then sell them to help bring in income to support their school.


In Karambi our team have began a goat rearing business. From the simple start up of a few goats our numbers are growing to help bring in funds for the Children's Home there.

Composting Toilets

Our school in Karasundara uses a composting toilet built in 2013 with funding from The Sustainable Table. The children have embraced this addition to their school and have been educated in how the compost can then be used in their farming projects they have running.


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