Mama Pherena’s Children’s Home

In 2012 we began building a new home for Mama Pherena and the house full of orphaned children she supported in her village, Karambi. Crammed into a mud house with just 2 rooms, around 15 orphans lived with her. Realising her commitment and dedication to the children we felt obliged to help improve things for everyone!

Now the Mama Pherena Children's Home is a spacious environment for 40 children to live happily. Children who have lost everything now have a family to grow up with. All of the children receive 3 meals a day and are enrolled into local primary and secondary schools. Some of the older children have recently moved into vocational training workshops learning hairdressing and computer skills. With shower blocks, bunk beds, kitchen and large play area its turning into a special place for our kids.

Still in its infancy as an OrphFund project we are working hard to develop things further. Goats are being reared, mushrooms grown to raise money, with plans of a piggery, bee keeping and solar power arriving soon.   Back →