Heartspring Children’s Village

Since 2008 we have been partnering Heartspring Children's School in Kager, a village nestled in the heartland of the Nyanza province in western Kenya. The region has one of the highest HIV rates in the world leaving thousands of children without the love of their parents. During registration into the program we witnessed hundreds of children traveling from hours away in hope they might be helped. Having set out to assist around 30 children we ended up welcoming in 86 orphans in desperate need of care and support.

The children live in a mini village we have created, 7 homes built in a traditional style provide comfort and give them a place to share with their new OrphFund family. Shower blocks, toilets, water tanks, electricity have all been brought to the site. We have even created a library, a clinic, a poultry project, and a dairy farm all to help support these children as they grow.    Back →