Ambassadors and Friends of OrphFund

Acknowledging the people who help go above and beyond to help us in our work.

love busk

We are happy to announce that the 1st ever Love Busk event will be benefiting our work! The online festival will see performers and speakers help raise vital funds for new projects in Uganda. SEE, HEAR, FEEL, GIVE! Visit to see the festival line up and how you can tune in to help.


Cael Fay - Orphfund ambassador

Cael epitomizes the OrphFund spirit and simply see's how easy it is to make a difference. Along with the help of his family he is setting the bar high for all of us. Already in his young life he has helped fund so many projects ranging from bread ovens, beds for an entire orphanage, pineapple plantations, refurbished homes and helped ship a container full of items to Uganda.

His selflessness and belief in helping children with less than him is an inspiration. From selling his toys, to getting his school to run fundraising days he is a great ambassador for everything we do!

"My name is Cael and in 2015 I turned 7. A year and a half ago I was given $20 to buy myself a present for Christmas. I was thinking about what to buy with it but then I told my Mumma and Papa that I would rather give it to someone who needed it for something more important than Lego, so we looked around and chose OrphFund to donate to and I’ve been raising money for their projects ever since!

So far [in 18months] I have raised just under $7,000 in donations through hosting a charity picnic for my 6th birthday (where I asked for donations instead of presents), holding a garage sale (selling some of my books and toys), having a crazy hat day at my school, doing the Adelaide city to bay fun run, and by having donation tins in some of my favourite cafes.

This money has gone towards building two bread ovens in Uganda, buying beds for two children’s villages in Sierra Leone, helping a donation filled shipping container get through customs in Uganda and planting a pineapple crop in Sierra Leone.

I really love volunteering for OrphFund and have lots of secret plans of ideas to try and reach $10,000 for the children by the end of the year. I want everyone to feel as lucky and happy as I do and I think everyone should always think of others and help others – even if you would really like to buy a toy!"

Molly bedingfield - global Angels

Molly CEO of Global Angels has been our very own angel throughout our formative years. When times got hard Molly reached out to help us rebuild our orphanage in Sierra Leone which was we lost in a fire. Through her Global Angels charity she has also provided grants to enable us to create rice farms, build a school and ship vehicles over to Sierra Leone. Along with financial assistance she has also offered invaluable support and guidance along our journey. 

The sustainable table

We have been fortunate to have the Sustainable Table support our work by providing grants to help us take steps towards self sustainability. In 2012 our partnership began with them helping us create a 5 acre farm in Uganda, this followed with the creation of composting toilets the year after. More recently a grant helped us form a large scale farm in Sierra Leone which we see as a great tool to generate food for all of our projects countrywide.

Rose Street artists market Melbourne

Since 2007 we've been part of the Rose Street Artist's Market furniture with our market stall/come meeting hub. The guys from the market have been more than accommodating allowing us to run coin collections and sell our wares as well as host annual auctions at their space. Its a place that has allowed us to find many new members of the OrphFund family and has acted as the nearest thing we have to an office for a decade!  

ken argent - product maker

Not only has Ken (Dad) been flying the OrphFund flag from the beginning, he spends his days creating beautiful leather purses and products to sale at the OrphFund shop. Since 2010 he's raised thousands of $'s to help us improve the lives of the children!

heart of good

An initiative dedicated to growing GOOD by sharing the stories of people and organisations doing GOOD for people, for all life and for our planet. Heart Of Good is sponsoring our website but also working on exciting ideas to generate money that will help support orphfund in the future.

CAstlemaine artists market

From 2009 we've been a regular stall holder at our local artists market where we've been raising funds, finding volunteers and sharing stories on the work we do. 

trove makers market, bendigo

We've only been part of the set up at this buzzing Bendigo market since early 2015 but we're feeling like we are at home. We've been meeting lots of interested folk who've been enjoying discovering OrphFund for the first time.

the food garden - castlemaine

The great people at The Food Garden have been embracing our efforts since 2012. By playing host to events, giving us a shop space to sell our wares, raising awareness of what we do they've helped us no end gain local support for all we do.

the barnevelds - all round action hero's

We are a blended family and we are about sharing and caring and that's why we LOVE helping out with OrphFund. We started having fundraisers as a family, doing it all for the OrphFund kids so they know they have a family too!  We all help, bake, sell, shake the bucket, spread the word, run markets, educate schools. All of us! The parents, and the 1, 7 and 14 year old! It's a great charity in which you can feel you are really making a difference!

Shaun kirk - musician

Since 2013 Shaun has been using his music as a platform for raising awareness and funds for OrphFund. You'll find collection tins at his gigs, he'll often be telling his audiences about our work and he donates 10% of his album sales to our projects!

a girl in the world

The beautiful books by author and illustrator Melanie Lee are seeing children help raise funds for children! A proportion of each book sale helps our projects and also raises awareness of our work.

Austral asia freight

We've been packing up containers since 2011 with goodies for our projects. None of this would have been possible without the ongoing help from Jeff at AAF. They've donated their time and equipment to move our our containers from our packing stations to ports.  

Grays bendigo

Murray at Grays has been a big help and supporter of our work. Not only has he helped find low cost containers for us to ship he's also donated a container which we converted into our very own office in Australia.