Sustainable Steps

Once we have laid down the foundations of our projects (homes, schools, water wells, teachers, care workers and so forth) we begin to embark on ways to help our programs stand alone.

Working collectively with local communities we develop methods in which we strive to grow our own produce and create initiatives for income generation. Our successes to date have been...

  • Establishing large farms for crop production. Over 22 acres of farmland help grow food for our children.
  • Creating large free range Poultry Projects which help increase the dietary benefits given to our children and help generate a healthy income for our Children's Homes to run themselves.
  • Rearing of goats for both food and income generation.
  • Bread production for both consumption and sales.
  • Rice loans. By loaning pans of rice to local farmers we enable them to grow their own rice. Once harvested the farmers repay small amounts of rice which in turn feeds children in our homes.
  • Mushroom growing. Small mushroom growing practices help generate funds to help our projects in Uganda.
  • Micro loans are provided for teachers in Sierra Leone which generate interest in repayments to help cover some of our project costs.
  • Sewing training workshops to provide children with skills for future employment and to also help with repairing and making our own clothes.

For more information on what activities we have running in each country please visit our pages for each country under the Sustainable Steps section.