Since 2008 we've been working hard creating numerous projects in Western Uganda.

Our work in Uganda has seen us settle close to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, nestled in various villages along the Rwenzori Mountain range we have established schools, children's homes, poultry projects, large scale farms and much more, all of which reaches out to over 800 impoverished children.

Kasese Children’s Village

Established in 2009 our Children's Village in the town of Kasese brings together 55 children from the Rwenzori region who we found living in incredible hardship. Now life is looking so good for them... Learn More →

Mama Pherena’s Children’s Home

Having visited the crumbling mud home of Mama Pherena and her 18 orphans she cared for in 2010 we felt moved to create a new home for her amazing work. Together we now assist 38 orphans high up in the hills of the stunning Rwenzori's.  Learn More →

Karasundara Primary Boarding School

Since 2009 we have been working with the wonderful people of Karasundara. So far we have developed a primary school for over 400 children with boarding facilities for 50 of the most vulnerable. It's a special project that keeps on growing!  Learn More →

Kitholi Primary School

Kitholi school was a primary school in great need when we visited in 2011. With many children crammed into their classrooms we helped double the size of the school. Learn More →

Sustainable Steps

With our work growing rapidly in Western Uganda we have begun investing into a wide range of income generating projects. From a large scale poultry project, a 5 acre farm to rearing goats and smaller vocational programs, we are meeting amazing locals who are inspired to empower their own communities.  Learn More →