Pack your bags, we're off to.....

Uganda 2016 - march & april 2016 (10th birthday project)

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our next team project which will take us to Uganda in early 2016. We've plenty to do so there will be no shortage of jobs for volunteers as we set about creating more classrooms, start more income generating projects, upgrade homes and schools and get to know all of the kids. 


We're looking for motivated individuals to join us on a life changing experience. No skills required, just a willingness to improvise, pitch in and enjoy!

Our project volunteers are expected to meet some of the following criteria

  • Cover your own costs of flights, accommodation (sometimes it's free depending on the location) and spending on food and other individual needs. Outside of the flight costs we estimate around $700 would cover a month long project.

  • Ideally stay for a period of 3 weeks or more. We usually target a 4 week project. Anything less than 3 weeks can be a bit rushed once you factor in getting to our remote project locations.

  • Fundraise before you go. All volunteers are expected to raise a minimum of $2000(AUS$)for the project. Funds raised by each group are collectively spent on your project. The more we raise the more we can do! 100% of what you raise is spent on programs you will be part of.

  • Seek to find sponsors for our work. We expect all project volunteers to begin a sponsorship donation to our work of $30 per month and to hopefully inspire friends and family to do the same on your return. This requirement allows us to safeguard the new projects you help us create. Every new school, home incurs additional costs for OrphFund and being small we need you to be part of helping support the children we assist.

  • Get your own insurance and vaccinations.

  • Remain in close contact with our team before the project with fundraising updates and pre trip organisational information.

  • Under 18's will need consent from parents or be accompanied by guardians. And no, you are never too old to take part!!!

If you'd like to find out more about being part of this please email